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Currently, humanity faces multiple and complex challenges; some are obvious to everyone while others need special comprehension. This people-based global social business is being set up to gradually address some of the biggest of those problems. The social business is founded on the knowledge I revealed in my 15,000-word publication titled, 'The Apocalyptic Danger Humanity Faces from Alpha Centauri' (you can download a copy at 


"The eventual realization of this social business would result in a transformed global tech scene where science and technology companies would be multiple times more valuable than they are today. The billions languishing in poverty would have been turned into active tech users and consumers with disposable incomes. We could at last speak the language of elevating livelihoods above the 'prosperity threshold' instead of the 'poverty line'."

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Beyond its business objectives, this social business' overarching purpose is to help transform our civilization beyond the firing range of our evil extraterrestrial neighbour (as elaborated at "Out of jealousy and the fear of the unknown, the Alpha Centauri People use their highly advanced mind-science technology to keep us divided and fighting, to propagate dangerous diseases, and to limit our scientific discoveries, in the end succeeding in maintaining us in poverty and subjugation."

The social business' public interface will be the user-facing end of a high-tech business ecosystem which users, creators, influencers, investors, shareholders, and other participants could depend on for their livelihoods, while they help unite humankind, accelerate global transformation, and free multitudes from the evil triangle of poverty, disease, and illiteracy.


The countries that embrace the social business early on will benefit the most—from employment, technology agglomeration, and improved tax revenues, noting that the social business will likely become the world's top taxpayer eventually.

Joseph Kuria, Founder, WORLDNEXT Interface
The Vision


"We envision a prosperous borderless world where technology will transform human governance—From societal management by means of political rulership to societal functioning based on social administration."

NB: Throughout this social business' White Paper, the term 'social administration' refers to a technology-facilitated hyper-democracy where everyone directly has their say on societal issues, with no need for representation.

Most of the activities the interface's features facilitate will be geared towards the global transformation objectives presented in the White Paper text under the five subsidiaries shown below; although pioneering, the objectives are not beyond our grasp as a civilization:

WORLDNEXT Subsidiaries
WORLDNEXT White Paper cover
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The interface will aim at bringing together a planetwide network of geolocated communities, grouped into 'Clustered Communities' or Cluscomms, which will further be integrated into 'Unified Communities' or Unicomms. The communities will be borderless and strictly non-political, with memberships sometimes straddling national borders. Community 'admins' will be continuously rated as per the interface's guidelines.


WELCOME SLOGAN: "Join a WorldNEXT community or propose one."

All community members 16 years and over will be encouraged to post 'admin' leadership platforms. Leadership will not be the preserve of a few well-connected rich individuals: it will be demystified and seen as being inherent in everyone. The posted platforms will generate wide-ranging discussions, including from experts and users around the world, who could offer illuminating perspectives. Every challenge threatening a given community will get uncovered, analysed, intimidated by a million sets of eyes, and eventually defeated.



"To craft a shell technological platform which aspiring community 'admins' and influencers could populate with users simultaneously from multiple geographical locations, with the onboarded users proceeding to interact with the public interface exactly as programmed."
"Nonetheless, the more likely scenario is the staged progression of the social business from
pre-seed funding through to series funding rounds, while it establishes ever more firmly, scales up, diversifies to include more of the planned features and tools, and spreads its wings globally."
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"The founding project managers and software engineers will start off with a prepared list of platform features and tools, although they could better the list by suggesting additional features. The interface's messaging, features, and tools will be tailored and marketed to bring on board, engage, and retain users from diverse backgrounds."


"The interface's ownership will gradually get diffused; at maturity, it is expected to have a unique shareholding whereby an investor's native digital currency holding would correspond to their corporate shareholding, although an investor could still arrange for a guaranteed return on their investment in their local currency. The shareholders will be requested to consider the social business' objectives while exercising their decision-making rights."

"Via intelligent digital wallets, loaded with digital assets and complete personhoods and identities, even the smallest investors and users will conveniently have their say on happenings around the platform."




Please Help


This global social business presents a nightmare scenario for the Alpha Centauri People: they will interfere with human minds to try to stop its establishment, but we must overcome. I request you to donate to help me: a) Handle admin matters and bring on board the initial business professionals and software engineers. b) Secure registrations, trademarks, and patents. c) Prep funding and granting documentation. From volunteers, professionals, and investors, to donors and grantors, I ask everyone whose skills could be useful to this global transformation program to reach out to me. 



Currently, my social fundraising efforts are focused on the circulation of 'The Apocalyptic Danger Humanity Faces from Alpha Centauri', this being the 15,000-word Paper this global social business is founded upon. I see a great risk of humanity being pushed into a cycle of spiralling conflicts which could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. I urgently need to:

(1) Repackage the Paper into simplified and condensed formats,

(2) Translate it into multiple languages, and

(3) Fund its circulation to a wider audience globally.

Please support that effort, while still considering reaching out to help me with the structuring and fundraising planning for the global social business.

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You can reach me by filling out and submitting the form below. I'll be in touch with you ASAP:

Thanks for your message!

For the complete details including platform monetization, please click the buttons below to download the White Paper:

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